Happy Birthday to Us!

We’re celebrating our 19th birthday!

It seems like only yesterday when we opened for business, but 19 years later and we’re still going strong. Many of you have been repeat customers and we really appreciate your loyalty. So as we sing “Happy Birthday to Us” we also say “Thank YOU”, because without you, there wouldn’t be a reason to celebrate.

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Child Legacy International – Clean Water Climb

In the US for the most part we take clean water for granted.  I am reminded of the Pastor from South Africa who was visiting The Woodlands, Texas one Christmas several years ago. He noted two things that have stuck with me.

First, he commented that we are so wealthy that even our plants have blankets when it’s freezing outside. And secondly, he did not understand how we can flush toilets with clean drinking water.   Such a waste he said, since a lot of his people don’t have clean water to drink.

In the wealthy world that we live in we believe every human deserves fresh clean water. That’s the reason CyberEvidence is supporting Child Legacy International and the Clean Water Climb.

Supporting The HAY Center

CyberEvidence working with Houston Young Lawyers Association is proud to support the fine work done by The HAY Center.

The HAY Center, a program of Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults, a public/private partnership, provides much needed services to foster youth transitioning to adulthood in our community. Our employment, education, housing, mental health and life skills programs empower current and former foster youth to be successful productive adults.


Experience does matter!

I am frequently asked how long I have been conducting digital forensic examinations.  I conducted the very first computer crime investigations in the Houston Police Department in the early 1990’s and I have been seen phenomenal growth in our field.  In the early days we would forensically copy floppy disks, now we’re dealing with servers with terabytes of storage. Regardless of the storage size, the fundamentals still remain the same.

Although I don’t need the “DOS Seizure Certification” any more, it’s fun to think back to those early days of emerging technology.