Many years ago I needed IT retrieval and assessment for a client. I talked to some friends of mind and received very good recommendations from them concerning CyberEvidence. I then did some research on other companies that advertised the same or similar services and concluded that CyberEvidence was a better fit and started using CE. There were several benefits from using CE. The first was that no client was ever mad due to the work product we received. Second the work product was produced in a timely manner, was thorough and CE made sure I understood what I received.

Despite my comments about CE, I have, from time to time, tried other digital forensic companies. I do not use them for several reasons. Several have come and gone. CE has been around for a long time and when necessary provides a quick turnaround at a reasonable cost.

In  most instances I use CE to help in litigation dealing with employees that have stolen or misused proprietary information of their employer. Usually the work  entails determining if company servers have been accessed and if company information was removed or copied. Also CE has been used to analyze an employee laptop to see if the company information on it has been damaged, destroyed or unlawfully downloaded. Lastly, we use CE to make forensic copies of hard drives so that the stored data can be available for use in litigation and in compliance with data preservation requirements. Try them, I believe you will be satisfied.